Glass free 3D phone

films realize your handy 3D theater dreams.

The mobile phone film + mobile APP (3DFAN) can make you enjoy 3D video, 3D pictures and others. It’s your pocket 3D cinema and handy 3D video camera.

Mobile Phone Film so called glassfree 3D film.

Glassfree 3D mobile phone film was developed by Shenzhen 3Dvstar Display Technology Co., Ltd. This film help you directly watch 3D images by the cellphone –so called glassfree 3D film.

Naked eye 3D mobile phone protective film - product features

Based on the principle of naked eye 3D display technology

Ultra-high hardness, break&shock proof

The combination of multi-layer nano-optical materials and tempered glass strengthens in film structure.

Vacuum coating, smooth and anti-fingerprint

Vacuum coating, effectively reduce adhesion of fingerprint with oil&dust, clean and clear.

Keep Original HD, true color display

Keep picture quality via original color self-display technology.

frames split

Glassfree 3D mobile phone film is different from the ordinary ones. It is developed based on principle of glassfree 3D display technology. It’s made of multi-layer nano-optical materials and special grating film. We actually see two similar and slightly different images(left&right view) without interfere and eventually build 3D picture effect in our brain.

2D/3D self-adaptive

The multi-layer nano-optical material design ensures 2D/3D adaptation while maintaining original resolution and high brightness display without any affecting to 2D use.

Original screen HD color display, clear picture quality

Equipped with original color self-display technology

Vacuum coating, explosion-proof, anti-shock, anti-fingerprint

Multilayer nano-optical material plus tempered glass combination strengthens protective film physics Structure, making it more explosion-proof and shockproof Enhanced anti-fingerprint oil adhesion, clean and easy to clean Smooth feel

Mobile phone application 3DFAN+ Phantom mobile phone film naked eye 3D effect

3DFAN is a communication community style mobile phone APP focus on 3D contents which is developed and launched by Shenzhen 3Dvstar Display Technology Co., Ltd. phone film works with 3DFAN together. The film needs to be adapted and calibrated first by automatic or manual means.

3D video and pictures

1) directly enjoy 3D videos and pictures shared by others in the app;
2) 3D videos and pictures downloaded to yerel from network. The format includes the most popular 3D format, Half SBS and 3DV format(reserved rights)
3) the mainstream 3D video media resources on the market, such as Youku, Iqiyi, Tencent Video, Sohu Video, etc.(china); youtube, Netflix, etc.(international);

Community communication function

Users can upload,administrate and share their 3D videos and pictures in 3Dfan APP community. Support online messages, subscriptions, commend, favorites, etc.

3D photo shooting function/Real-time 2D to 3D video function

Independently researched and developed real-time 2D to 3D video technology, support yerel and online 2D contents to be converted into 3D real time.

Human eye tracking

The user's pupil position is identified and judged by means of phone camera and built-in gyroscope, then the images will be automatically adjusted real time without view limit anymore.

Technical cooperation and service

Provide more 3D application cases and technology interfaces to promote 3D industry development with developers and partners


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3D short video    3D games

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3D mobile phone film + mobile player

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Clean fingerprints or lots with screen wiper.

Remove the back sticker of the film

Carefully align the hole position, release the film slowly. Screen will suck the film automatically.

Press&move up and down with wet wiper while filming to drive off air bubbles for beauty.

Download the 3DFAN mobile app

Calibration instructions

Start the app 3DFAN, click the "Settings" in the upper right. In the "Settings" page, click "Automatic Calibration" to start Calibration.

Assemble the calibration box and place the phone as shown above, then click the “Start Calibration” and the phone will automatically calibrate.

The calibration will take about 10-20 seconds. Do not move the phone or the calibration box during calibration. It’s welldone after “Calibration Successful” appearing, otherwise exit and repeat from the second step.